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Majengo School Hand-Washing Center



In Tanzania, 38% of water points are not functional.

A potential cause for this probelm? Often times, community members aren't involved in the process of designing, building, and maintaining these facilities.


A school hand-washing center created, built, and maintained by students and community members.

14-year-old Asha Mohammed recognized this problem during our Youth Innovation Lab program. We worked with Tanzania Rural Empowerment Organization, who facilitated the YIL in Moshi, to design a model for a handwashing station catered to the needs of the locals plus a larger campaign called "Kuosha mikono ni kwa kila mtu" (hand-washing is for everyone), where youth will promote proper WASH practices to the community. This project was sponsored by a grant from Disney.

“This is an amazing project. I have been here for more than 10 years but no one has considered the situation. Students were eating without washing, came from washroom without it won’t happen.” 

Hear from Margret Beda, a school employee.

According to Mr. Tesha, the assistant headteacher, the following are the changes already being experienced in the school:

  • reduced water borne diseases among the children leading to improved school attendance,

  • increased water supply for cleaning, drinking and cooking in the school,

  • a reduction of stomach diseases, such as diarrhea.

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