SDG Superheroes program in Muhanga, Rwanda

In partnership with Rwanda Youth Solutions this November, we launched the SDG superheroes program in Rwanda. Following the YIL conducted in Muhanga late last year, this program is a model of our Youth Innovation Lab led by young people in their local communities. Past Youth Innovation Lab participants utilize the content learned during the YIL plus AYANA International teaching materials to go out into their community as student leaders and diffuse learnings about how to create sustainable, human- centered change.

Rwanda Youth Solution Organization (RYSO) collaborated with AYANA to engage the youth actively in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. This project simultaneously serves as SDG awareness and encourages community ownership through funding local solutions. Especially given our programs often can only reach 20-25 youth, we hope this model is something we can scale beyond Rwanda for how our past program participants can utilize their newfound knowledge to empower even more people.

Eight leaders (trained through the ripple effect) were selected from four schools and generated ideas including hand-washing taps, reproductive health talk clubs, and water purification tanks for the community. We've funded some of their projects last month and are excited to hear about the results.

We are immensely grateful to our local community partner, Rwanda Youth Solution Organization. Specifically, Vincent Ndebwanimana has been responsible for overseeing the execution of SDG Superheroes and the funding distribution for the youth-led projects. You can find out more about RYSO here.