Disability inclusion in Moshi, Tanzania

According to Sida, over 5 million Tanzanians are affected by disability. Earlier this year, we were able to fund a youth-led disability inclusion project Ramps were created at multiple access points to the school building at one of the schools we work with in Moshi, Shaurimoy Primary School, allowing students to access the buildings and classes by the next school term. Two sets of ramps were built in the standard one classrooms, and one set of stairs were built in each of the standard five, six, and seven classrooms.

In her project pitch, Consolta (a 14 year old girl in Standard 6 at the school) said, "My project is to change the classrooms to accommodate disabled student and children. The mission of my project is to allow accommodation of all students especially the disabled. The sustainable development goal I chose [is] equality. I chose it because through changing the accommodation like stairs all students ... will be able to participate fairly in studying."

We are extremely grateful to Tanzania Rural Empowerment Organization in Moshi, Tanzania, our very first partner when we first launched the Youth Innovation Lab curriculum in 2017. Thadei Msumanje and his team have dedicated their time to empowering young leaders in Moshi and overseeing the implementation of the youth-designed projects we fund.