Sanitation and Sustainability in Rwanda



AYANA is excited to announce its funding of a new youth-led project focusing on sanitation and sustainability in Muhunga, Rwanda!


Rwanda is a landlocked nation located in east-central Africa, and its capital is the city of Kigali. With an estimated population size of about 11.2 million, Rwanda’s population density is one of the greatest in Sub-Saharan Africa. Major industries in the country include agricultural products, textiles, cement, and plastic goods. Due to the country’s high output of industrial goods, waste management is an integral factor in maintaining the country’s environmental sustainability.


Waste products such as greenhouse gases have been one of the key factors in contributing to global climate change. Due to increased human activity and technological advancements, there has been an increase in the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and poor farming methods all affect climate change. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration reports that there has been an increase rate of 0.31℉ per decade in the global annual temperature since 1970. Such changes can be detrimental to wildlife habitats, as well as influence rainfall amounts in many regions.


In the recent years, environmental sanitation and sustainability in Rwanda have been gaining greater attention. Because of the country’s increasing population size, there is  difficulty in supporting a balance between the people and natural resources. Degradation through deforestation, excess land cultivation, pollution of waterways and wetlands have negatively impacted the nation’s bio-diversity and fragile ecosystems. Therefore, many local organizations have taken more initiative to prevent and help alleviate environmental degradation.


We are looking forward to working with Rwanda Youth Solutions and hope that through our funding of this project, participants can also contribute to protecting the nation’s beautiful landscapes and natural resources.


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