Students in Nairobi, Kenya, collaborate in the Youth Innovation Lab

We just began a new partnership in Kenya and 11 youth participated in our Youth Innovation Lab. Out of the 11 ideas we worked with Garden of Hope Foundation to select a girls' empowerment program, a Kibera clean-up program, and a library program.

The storyboards for some of the ideas are below.

Girls' & Womens' Empowerment

  • "According to my observations, men and boys are seen to be more superior than girls in almost every field. Most commonly in culture, education and also in careers and jobs."

  • 44% male justification of wife beating

Kibera Clean-Up

  • "Here in Kibera there is no good health, there is waste which passes everywhere that causes various diseases which even lead to death."

  • 2.5 million slum dwellers in about 200 settlements in Nairobi representing 60% of the Nairobi population

A huge thank you to Victor Odhiambo from Garden of Hope Foundation, an AYANA partner, for being the first to bring the Youth Innovation Lab to Kenya! Victor was responsible for guiding the students through the process of the lab and will oversee the distribution of funding to their projects. You can learn more about our partner in Nairobi, Garden of Hope Foundation, here.