Learn more about the mobile library!

Technological advancements have facilitated our ability to access information. From website links to e-books, we have the power to answer our greatest questions with simply a click. However, this abundance of resources is not available to everyone. Some students in developing communities are limited to only their school texts, and do not have the opportunity to further their learning outside of their classroom.

For this reason, a participant of AYANA’s Youth Innovation Lab in Moshi, Tanzania, designed a way for her community to enjoy greater educational resources. This young seventeen year old named Gloria focused on devising a solution to encourage literacy and education in her home of Moshi. She desired to create a project that would equip both her and her fellow classmates with knowledge to utilize in their future. With this motivation, Gloria thought of a mobile library.

This mobile library concept is a way to strengthen literacy and education in communities where such developments may not be as heavily stressed. The mobile library holds a variety of books, and will be transported across to different schools in the area of Moshi, Tanzania. This cart will create a space for independent learning, and will allow students to explore their interests through literature. We hope this project will empower the youth to take ownership of their education, and stimulate their desire to learn about the world.

Books hold greater power than many of us may think. They foster creative thinking, and broaden perspectives. Through a multitude of texts, this mobile library cart will provide students with accessible resources in their respective communities. Regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, the youth’s potential is tremendous--and Gloria stands as a testament of such capability. From Gloria’s project, AYANA hopes to utilize the mobile library cart to then inspire the many more minds of young people. We are beyond excited to help implement this young lady’s idea to create positive change, and we are looking forward to aiding future projects of the youth in such developing nations.

This post was written by AYANA team member, Fumika Hasegawa.