South African youth come up with solutions to community problems

The AYANA Youth Innovation Lab held by partner Africa Unite last week certainly ignited the creative, problem-solving potential of these youth! After learning about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the youth decided to focus on Goals #4, 10, and 16, thereby providing a quality education, reducing inequalities, and strengthening institutions in their local communities.

Group #1: Youth Parliament

In order to reduce inequalities, the youth need to be more involved in decision making. Then, they want to create a Community Youth Parliament, which will meet and engage various local government structures around the issues of community development and policy making. The group seeks to inform the youth on how the local government works and how the public can participate in the decision, implementation and monitoring processes.

Group #2: Diversifying Education

They would like to introduce arts and sport activities since most of the learners drop out as a result of lack of motivation, drive and interest as there are no subjects that build on their skills such as art and sports. The school only focuses on the traditional subjects whilst in majority of the schools in cities offer all kinds of subjects, hence the drop out ratio is low compared to townships.

Group #3: Creating a Safer School Environment

They want to focus on influencing policy at a school level. Through this they will try to make the school and other relevant stakeholders, teachers, the Department of Education to design a policy against bullying. Additionally, they would like to raise awareness against bullying through various activities such as school dialogues, developing flyers, and workshops.

We look forward to supporting these youth as they execute their ideas! A big thanks, once again, to our incredible partner Africa Unite, specifically Georvi Simalungana and Brilliant Nyambi, for their tireless work in empowering the next generation of leaders. We are grateful to have been able to partner with them!