First program in Tanzania concludes

Last week, AYANA concluded its first week of Youth Innovation Lab programming in Tanzania. Upcoming programs revised based on feedback from last week will be in order!

Today, youth finished up presenting their ideas from last week, and received signed certificates from AYANA and TAREO.

Thadei Msumanje voiced TAREO's desire to continue youth empowerment programs with AYANA: "I understand that this is most needed program for our youths in Tanzania. When I was trying to talk with other stakeholders like teachers, parents, and people in authority, they all agreed with me that through AYANA, we can transform our youth, especially in thinking about the solutions for problems instead of complaining."

AYANA will release a report of youth ideas in the next month on behalf of the youth involved in this program. Youth chose to target major issues facing their communities, including, most prominently, poverty eradication measures at the local level.

Thank you to Thadei Msumanje and his team at TAREO for their commitment to partnering with us and for working so hard to establish the first ever Youth Innovation Lab!