Youth Innovation Lab Tanzania: Days 2-4 Recap

AYANA's Youth Innovation Lab in Tanzania concludes this week. On the first day, 10 staff, trained previously in youth program facilitation to effectively lead the program, participated.

Mr. Thadei Msumanje explained the process behind design thinking: inspiration, ideation, and implementation. The participants were encouraged to use the 5 Whys to understand their problem. Youth identified major problems in their local community, including:

  • Poor livelihoods especially for youths and children

  • Lack of social services in their living areas

  • Most of youths cannot support themselves due to their parents background

  • Women are leading in poverty and they can support their family

The facilitators' goal was "to encourage youths to know their important and how they can participate in community development, so as to bring workable ideas that can help the community and to themselves. The facilitators went through the students identify their problem and encourage them to note their major problems, its causes, who are affected, how long the problem exist and which people affected in term of age, and/or gender."

As part of our goal to improve our programs, we also received feedback. One of the major pieces of feedback that we got was that the time frame to come up with workable ideas from the participant was too small in this case. As the solutions mostly will require an understanding to the community problems, the time to analyze a workable solution and to understand any costs of activities during the application of their solutions needed to be larger. As such, we plan to extend the length of future Labs.

We look forward to improving and expanding our Youth Innovation Lab programs with TAREO!