Program Update: Day One in Tanzania!

AYANA launched our Youth Innovation Lab at 12AM Pacific Time this morning, October 9! Tanzania Rural Empowerment Organization (TAREO) facilitated the program for a total of 25 students - a larger turnout than anticipated. Youth ages 12-25 were involved, split up into two groups based on their ages.

Program coordinator Thadei Msumanje let us know that the program's first day was a success, with students engaged in learning about the Sustainable Development Goals and discussing critical issues in their local Tanzanian communities. We are extremely grateful to Thadei and his amazing team at TAREO for partnering with us to empower the next generation of leaders. The program will continue Tuesday through Friday, for 2 hours each day.

On the last day, students will have the opportunity to present their findings and ideas for solutions to local issues! We cannot wait to see what they come up with and are so glad to have TAREO as a partner.

Learn more about TAREO here.