In service of our mission, we want to reach as many young people and communities as possible. In an attempt to make our curriculum design accessible to all, an outline of a typical YLB workshop can be found below. Accompanying powerpoints and a strategic overview are available upon request. Please feel free to use or modify these materials in your organization's work with young people, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


If you would like to work together to modify this curriculum for your context, or design a new program, please use our Contact Us form. We are keen on developing new partnerships in communities around the globe to further our mission of youth empowerment and sustainable, community-driven development. 


Because we work with partners all over the world, our curriculum is available in four languages to make it more accessible.


Click here to view the curriculum in French.

Click here to view the curriculum in Kiswahili.

Click here to view the curriculum in Hindi.