We want to activate leadership potential in the next generation and support community-driven development.

The AYANA Youth Innovation Lab is a weeklong program to amplify the power of young people in developing communities, giving them tools to create targeted solutions to issues facing their communities, by exploring pressing issues and developing a unique, sustainable solutions for their communities.


Our work is about transforming the narrative that developing countries are helpless and incapable of solving their own problems. Hundreds of youth participated in the program and found their power to create change. We've funded a diverse portfolio of innovations by young people to improve their own communities, impacting thousands of people. The young people who have participated in our Youth Innovation Labs are beyond eager and passionate to imagine brighter futures for their communities.


We aren't the first to come up with the concept of community-driven development, and we aren't the first to recognize the power of empowering young people. We are simply doing our part to support emerging young leaders and make the world a better and more hopeful place for us all.


We are immensely grateful for the pivotal role our community partners have, as they believe in a vision of youth empowerment and work tirelessly in their communities to organize and implement Youth Innovation Labs and eventually oversee the implementation of funded projects. Without them, none of our work would be possible.


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